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Scouting the Class of 2016 Huskies in the Trenches

Noel Brouse, DL: 2 */ 6’5, 260 / Allentown, PA

Strengths: Brouse is a big and tall addition to the defensive line for UConn. He shows good get-off and a great first move. He is powerful at the point of attack and makes great contact. He displays excellent hand-eye coordination and has an excellent nose for the ball whether it is in the air or on the ground. His height and long arms are great for getting in the passing lanes and disrupting quarterbacks.

At UConn: I believe it is most likely that UConn will put some weight on Brouse and he will play something along the lines of DE/DT similar to recent graduate Kenton Adeyemi. I see him being more successful with his hand in the dirt in the front 3 or 4.

AJ Garson, DE: 2 */ 6’6, 235 / West Palm Beach, FL

Strengths: Garson is tall, lanky and very athletic. Watching his film you can see tenacious effort and contact toughness. He has a knack for finding the ball and making the play. Still noticeably raw technique wise, but a very strong baseline to start from coming out of high school. Very good at block destruction and evasion. Also very quick off the edge in pass rush situation.

At UConn: On defense, I see Garson finding his home as a stand-up rush DE/OLB who may occasionally put his hand on the ground. He could become an excellent pass rush threat with some technique refinement. He has great athleticism and agility, which leads me to believe he could also be successful dropping back into coverage. His background as a TE could also be useful for pass coverage and possibly to be used on offense if needed.

Cam DeGeorge, OL: 2 */ 6’5, 262 / Lynnfield, MA

Strengths: DeGeorge is a big, physical offensive lineman. He displays excellent contact toughness and likes to hit people. For someone his size, he has good feet and athleticism when blocking in the open field. Shows a distinct affinity for finishing his blocks with the defender on the ground. Has great leg drive once engaged in a block which leads to him finishing blocks 10+ yards down field. DeGeorge plays low and knows how to come off the ball with leverage.

At UConn: DeGeorge will have to put on some weight before he begins to play at UConn (as most incoming freshman in college football do), but I believe he is a great addition to the offensive line unit. He played mostly guard during high school and his ability to pull and block in space lead me to believe that he could find his home there at UConn. With his height and athleticism though, it would be no surprise to see him become a tackle and in the offensive line, where versatility is key, these are all positives for DeGeorge.

Nino Leone, OL: 2 */ 6’5, 335 / South Hamiliton, MA

Strengths: Leone is a massive man, a strong and physical lineman. He moves well and is surprisingly athletic for someone his size. He shows good feet and excellent blocking in the open field. His strength allowed him to really manhandle his competition in high school and while that may not be the case in college, it is a great mentality for a young lineman to have coming into college. While he was bigger and stronger than most that he played against, he still displays excellent leverage and finishes his blocks with aggression.

At UConn: I see Nino finding his spot at guard. His frame and size make him a perfect fit for an interior lineman. Watching him pull also leads me to believe he could fit in perfectly with many of the run schemes that UConn loves. Leone shows promise to be a powerful run-blocking offensive lineman with the ability to move people wherever he wants. He will learn to improve his pass blocking which will make him a much more well-rounded as a lineman. As long as he can consistently play low and use leverage, his size and strength will be tough to stop.