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Scouting Notes and Coaches' Quotes - Suffield Academy CB Tahj Herring

Tahj Herring Scouting Notes by Ethan Hammerman

- Really good recognition; smart player

- Doesn’t seem like the fastest cornerback, a little similar to Jamar Summers in that way

- Physical at the point of attack, seems like he could potentially mature into a good press cornerback

- Sure tackler

- Clicks and closes, very good coming back toward the ball once a play has been made

- Has some ball skills, nice interceptions on tape

Overall: Herring, at 6 foot 1, has the frame, awareness, and strength at the point of attack to become a very good press cornerback at Connecticut. He may have some issues with deep speed, but otherwise, he has the potential to be an impact player.

UConn Report also spoke with Tahj Herring's head coach at Suffield Academy Drew Gamere:

On Herring's development over his time at Suffield:

"He came in as a kid who was 145 pounds... We certainly saw flashes his freshman year of athleticism that was special. But there was no question for him to become the player he did he was going to have to put the work in. Being a good teammate, playing hard at practice, learning how to be physical is one thing that over his time here he just got better and better.

"To me it was a growth on two ends, one was physical and one was the mental piece of being a leader and thats what we’re really proud of."

On former Suffield and future UConn teammate Brice McAlister's influence on Herring:

"First off, there's no question, Brice was really excited to be a part of the UConn program. There’s no question in my mind when you look at their season it's clear that it's a team on the rise. (Brice) certainly he thinks that, he speaks very highly of the coaches, he's having a fantastic experience there.

"And that influenced Tahj. In some respects this was his dream as a Hartford kid he had UConn on his mind, but Brice’s influence and experience there helped pushed Tahj in that direction."

On what stood out from UConn's recruiting approach:

"It really first starts with how involved they are, how many times they come visit, but then the questions they asked me. It’s not strictly a football thing with them they’re asking about character, grades, and really digging deep to find out what type of young man he is.

"I’m fortunate on my end that I've had two superstars, not just in terms of how they play, but as young men. Those are easy questions for me to answer. As a coach, that's something that I certainly enjoy and gain a lot of respect for the coaches that are digging in and want to know more about the kid."

Why Herring chose UConn over offers from Virginia of the ACC and the SEC's Vanderbilt:

"College comes down to fit. You’ve gotta be 100% comfortable with where you want to go. It really comes down to a personal choice, he’s gonna go to UConn, get a great education and have a fantastic experience. Most importantly that’s where Tahj always wanted to go."